Sydney Mako Fishing – 5 & 6 Aug 2017

The SGFC Monster Mako Comp was posponed due to strong winds forecast on 05-Aug-17
Being keen fishos and seeing that seas were forecast to be choppy, but calm, the Sydney Sea Charters crew decided to head out for a fishing weekend anyway.

– Friday
Made our way to the SGFC clubhouse at Watsons Bay to meet up with boats still keen for a fish.

– Saturday
We started the day trawling small skirts for double hookups of quality Kingfish and Striped Tuna. Tunafish for bait = tick!
Shark drift was set up wide of Broken Bay. Wind did increase as forecast, but the sea stayed calm with a drift of 1.3-1.8 knots.
Our efforts were rewarded with a 30kg Mako, tagged & released by Travis Mollard (It looks worse than it was. Swam away strongly with a jumps)
Another boat fishing nearby landed two Mako’s up to ~50kg.
A good night rest tied up to the SGFC clubhouse was in order.

– Sunday
The wind had calmed down overnight, but we decided to stay away from the shelf just to be safe.
Another trawl on the way out produced double hookups of Striped Tuna.
Shark drift started wide of Dee Why. Wind did pick up as forecast and we ended up somewhere near Kurnell by the end of the day!
A bit of bottom bashing produced snapper and flathead, but holding bottom proved difficult.
Mako tally for the day was a 40-45kg Mako, tagged & released by Neel Prasad.

All in all a great weekend of fishing. Thanks Travis, Shane, Mitch for the laughs and Split Second Photography for truly awesome pictures!

We didn’t make it out to the shelf for a monster, but with four Mako caught between two boats, the Sydney Game Fishing Club Monster Mako Comp should be very productive on 12 & 13 Aug 2017!

Stay Safe